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Final List of Candidates

After any withdrawal, objections and Fit and Proper Person Test, we can now publish the final list of applicants below. We look forward to meeting you on Election Day on 9th March 2024. NBC-UK TRUSTEE APPLICANTS FINAL LIST 2024-27

List of Candidates

We have received 24 applications for Trustee Election 2024-27. Please find the attached list below. The valid period of withdrawal or objection for any candidates is until 5th March 2024. NBC-UK TRUSTEE APPLICANTS LIST 2024-27

Trustee Application Form

Please complete the application form below to stand for the election of Executive Committee Member (Trustee) of NBC-UK 2024-27. Please note, that you MUST be a valid member of NBC-UK by 15th February 2024 and will need to have one proposer (from the current membership) for your candidacy to be valid. Please click on the […]

Membership List

The current membership list valid for the election can be found here in this link: Membership List as of 15th Feb 2024

Election Schedule 2024

Please see below the election schedule that starts from the application to the final election day: NBC-UK Executive Committee Election Schedule 024/027   1 Membership Published by the election committee 20/02/2024 2 New executive committee candidacy registration period 21/02 – 27 /02 3 Publishment of candidate’s name 28/02/2024 4 Candidacy check (Fit and Proper Person […]

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