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Nepalese British Community UK (NBC-UK) is a very active organisation with round the clock activities, events, projects and  various community support programs.

All forthcoming activities, and events are posted below. 



TEEJ 2023

PLEASE CLICK HERE TO SECURE YOUR SEAT! OR SCAN THE BARCODE BELOW: Teej is Nepalese equivalent of Women’s Day and is widely celebrated within Nepalese communities around the world. A mini Nepal can be seen in our event with unique Teej songs and dances along with a unique Teej dinner (Dar). Even though the event sounds like for Women only,

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Yoga and Fitness Class

As per our organisation’s response to staying fit and healthy and beating the pandemic, we are planning to organise “ Free Yoga and Fitness” classes every Saturday and Sunday for an hour and half from 08:30 am to 10:00 am starting from this Saturday, 30th January. These sessions will be organised as a wider community program jointly with CODEC-UK, Pran

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